Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Project Coordinator of the ERC Advanced Grant "Instabilities and nonlocal multiscale modelling of materials" FP7-PEOPLE-IDEAS-ERC-2013-AdG (2014-2019); total funding to the research unit: 2.38 MEuro.
  • Project Coordinator of the Research Grant "MeMic - Fracture mechanics of microstructured composites incorporating intrinsic length-scales" FP7-PEOPLE-2013-CIG (2013-2017, Researcher: Dr. Piccolroaz); total funding to the research unit: 100 kEuro.
  • Responsible for the University of Trento Research Unit of the Grant "Multi-scale mechanical models for the design and optimization of micro-structured smart materials and metamaterials" PRIN from the Italian Miur (2017-2019); total funding to the research unit: 89 kEuro.

  • D. Bigoni has been responsible for the following grants:

    • From September 2013 to March 2014: Research Unit Coordinator of the Research grant "TAMER Trans-Atlantic Micromechanics Evolving Research - Materials containing inhomogeneities of diverse physical properties, shapes and orientations" FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IRSES (2014-2018)
    • From October 2011 to March 2014: Coordinator of the Research Grant "INTERCER2 - Modelling and optimal design of ceramic structures with defects and imperfect interfaces", FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IAPP (2011-2015); total funding 2400 kEuro (funding to the research unit: 854 kEuro).
    • Research Grant 'Multi-scale modelling of material instabilities, mechanical waves, gradient effects, and metamaterials', MIUR Cofin 2009 (2011-2014); total funding to the research unit: 57.3 kEuro.
    • Research Grant 'Multiscale problems with complex interactions in structural engineering', MIUR Cofin 2007 (2007-2009); total funding to the research unit: 73.2 kEuro.
    • Research Grant 'Interface models in Solid Mechanics: Continuum/discrete transition and microstructural effects', MIUR Cofin 2005 (2006-2007); total funding to the research unit: 57.6 kEuro.
    • Research Grant 'Fundamental micromechanics of fracture in ductile single crystals', 2002-2005, MIUR 26-1-2001, in cooperation with Prof. Walter J. Drugan (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA); total funding: 108 kEuro.
    • Research Grant 'Fenomeni di degrado meccanico di interfacce in sistemi strutturali: Applicazioni in ingegneria civile ed a campi di ricerca emergenti', MIUR Cofin 2003 (2004-2005); total funding to the research unit: 45 kEuro.
    • CNR-NATO fellowship for basic sciences 'Mathematical models for crack propagation in pre-stressed elastic composites and pre-polarized crystals', granted to Prof. E.M. Craciun (University of Constanta, Romania); June-July 2004, total funding: 4.2 kEuro.

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