Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics

Constitutive modelling of materials

We have invented a new yield function particularly suited for the modelling of the behaviour of granular and rock-like materials.

We have proposed an innovative constitutive model for granular materials, with particular reference to sand. The model correctly describes the occurrence and development of shear bands.

We have proposed the first constitutive model capable of describing the granular/solid transition occurring during cold forming of ceramic powders, a challenging, but never previously addressed, problem with important industrial implications.

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Free software

Feel free to use the notebook and the subroutines for your work provided the source, i.e. "S. Stupkiewicz, R. Denzer, A. Piccolroaz and D. Bigoni (2014) Implicit yield function formulation for granular and rock-like materials. Computational Mechanics, DOI 10.1007/s00466-014-1047-8" is adequately cited.

Mathematica notebook containing the AceGen input for generating the numerical code (subroutine) that computes the implicit Bigoni-Piccolroaz (BP) yield function and its first and second derivatives

ready-to-use subroutines


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